Crusty of Crusty Productions

Other works from Crusty Productions:

The nickname of Crusty came from a long-time friend and has nothing to do with being crusty, or made of bread. "It just was a play on my name, but for some reason it stuck and I find it hilarious. When I was making music videos, or writing stories I would write it was "produced by Crusty Productions". So when it came time to name the production company, I realized I already had begun one. Our productions are a little rough around the edges"

Crusty Productions has produced numerous videos over the years for fun. As well as a few blogs, and coverage of Busch Gardens in Williamsburg. We have also created additional books to be released in the future. A few written by Noah (from Little Squares with Colors), a sequel titled by Noah as " No Limits!" , a memoir which precedes the time frame of Little Squares but is a completely different theme and topic (working title is Transportation). There is also a comedy book, and a fan-guide book for Busch Gardens in Williamsburg