Meet Author Christina Dagnelli a.k.a Crusty

"...If you’re having trouble understanding your child, or if you’re thoroughly exhausted and just need to feel like you are not the only one going through the challenges and frustrations involved, this book can help you see what you might be missing…Autism can be rewarding and uplifting in its own unique way. Christina Dagnelli shows us how." --Vickie Ewell~Autism-Special Needs Topic Editor

-Excerpt from Little Square with Colors : A Different Way to Look at Autism


"This memoir tells the story of one family’s journey, battle with time and trials of an Autism diagnosis. The stories included are painted with themes of tolerance, perseverance, love, and humor. The authors beliefs on having faith in your intuitions, following your gut and the importance of thinking outside-the-box are showcased within the strategies that were implemented, what worked, what didn’t and why. As well as the importance of rest, support and being able to manage stress for everyone involved." (Lime Magazine)

This is my third year covering the events at Busch Gardens in Williamsburg from a special needs household perspective. Though much of what I post about in my blog or for other websites will relate to anyone. Anything that is relevant for kids, especially those with Autism is discussed. 

Why this has happened  isn't important - what we learn from this experience is what matters. Autism teaches us to be more tolerant, more patient and never to give up ​hope. 

Spotlight Book

Little Squares with Colors

Busch Gardens

Williamsburg, Virginia

Writer  2014-present

Little Squares with Colors is Christina's big debut. “Ms. Dagnelli aptly weaves facts and great advice with funny anecdotes, and lots of frustrating episodes to win your heart.” – Lorna D’Entremont Sentio Life Solutions Special Needs Book Review